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Founded in Dubai by one young Swiss entrepreneur, UAE HOSTESSES aims to provide amazing events with the quality
staffing they deserve. We manage a diverse team of hosts and UAE HOSTESSES
that will make your event a roaring success.

Our Event Staffing Solutions

UAE Staff has a large and varied pool of talented and professional event planners and is prepared to take on any and all unforgettable events in Dubai. As one of the leading event planning companies in Dubai, we provide solutions for private as well as public events, no matter what the size.



Coordinating all the activities at an exhibition while engaging the visitors can be difficult. Let our warm and enthusiastic hostesses at our event agency greet your guests and provide them with the most memorable and informative experience at any exhibition.



People want a conference to be relevant, informative, and to be well-run. Let our professional staff coordinate the ongoing activities at your conferences and ensure that they are both impactful and on schedule.



When hundreds and even thousands of people get together to have fun, things can get a little chaotic. Let us ensure that your concerts are secure and well-executed in order to leave attendees with a lasting and pleasant impression.


Private Events

You want your private events to be intimate and personal. Let our hosts and hostesses take care of your guests, ensuring that everything goes off without a hitch and reflects amazingly on you, the event organizer.

World Class Event Hostesses in Dubai

When you launch a new product, service or special event it's always important to have people managing the programme and leading your guests. Our professional hostesses can make sure things go smoothly for a successful occasion so that each person is comfortable as they walk in ready for an experience of their dreams!

Product Launch

When launching something big like introducing a brand-new product line or hosting an exclusive corporate event, our expert event coordinators will escort attendees into the venue to ensure every detail runs seamlessly from start to finish. They'll greet them with personalized name tags at registration then help them navigate through any unforeseen obstacles during introductions before guiding visitors throughout their assigned stations where everything has been set up just how they want it – all while making everyone feel welcome and respected along the way.

Why Are We A Trusted Dubai Hostess Agency

Dubai hosted events are a major part of the city's economy. We specialize in hosting services and make sure all our staff is qualified for their job, unlike other agencies who hire anyone that applies.

If you want to organize a dream event to be memorable, then choose our hostess agency. We carefully assess the qualifications of each prospective worker before hiring them and only hire those with excellent educational backgrounds, professional experience in hosting events such as ours, and personalities that exude professionalism at all times. When we are working on your programme for a business or company's function - whether it is guided tours around exhibits or food demonstrations - guests will feel like they have been given first-class service from start to finish because these professionals consistently give their absolute best performances every time!

Management Team

Sacha Christe


Sacha Christe is a young Swiss entrepreneur and a rising star in the UAE’s business world. A student of a private management school in Bern and the American University in Dubai, he is the founder and CEO of leading web design and marketing agency Emirates Graphic. Eager to help other young, ambitious people in Dubai, he has imagined UAE HOSTESSES as a means of giving candidates the opportunity to prove themselves and connecting them with the people and companies who could use their help.

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